Thursday, May 27, 2010

Um, Oops?

You've been spared from a post-Doctor Who wrap-up entry, partially because (with the exception of the first scene with The Doctor and Rory) I liked-not-loved last week's episode. But mostly this non-nerdy post is the result of my completely neglecting to post for the last week. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm back now. Unfortunately I can't really claim to be bringing my "A" game, because I've become temporarily obsessed with Boy Meets World. Or at least the idea of it. Is it at cultural touchstone level? I mean, kids born in the 80's know Full House and Cosby Show (and apparently Small Wonder, but I'm completely in the dark on that one). If I say the name "Balki" to any of my friends, they'll catch the reference. But what of Cory Matthews? And Eric? And First Morgan? And, to a much lesser extent, Second Morgan? Because I just watched season two of Chuck, and when Ben Savage got sold out by Nicole Ritchie, all I could think was "Topanga never would've done that."

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