Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will Schuester, you bastard

I really love the show Glee. It's one of Fox's most popular shows, so I don't think I'm blowing any minds by saying that. The thing is, as the season's gone on I've realized something: Will Schuester is one of the biggest assholes on television. Ok, that may be (read: is totally) an overstatement, but if you only compare him to other "good guys", the dude comes off pretty poorly.

This season he:
-Stopped giving Rachel any leads (really early on - it's what made her quit)
-Started giving Rachel and Finn ALL the leads (which the show jokes about, but is still struggling to actually change)
-Flirted with Every. Woman. He. Met. (Yes, I know his wife was a pregnancy-faking crazy-face, but he didn't know that).
-Started his "next" relationship before his marriage was even over.
-Slept with the Original Broadway Cast of Wicked when that didn't work out.
- One of whom turned out to be a student's Mom (not technically his fault, but since the character was always basically a grown-up Rachel, it's still gross).

And finally...

-Decided to intentionally seduce and drop some one only after seeing how depressed having that happen made someone else.

In just about every episode, Mr. Shuester only preaches the moral to the kids after he learns the lesson himself by being an awful, awful person.

An awful person with a nice butt, but still an awful person.

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