Monday, August 30, 2010

Shame Spiral

So it's been somewhere around 12 days since I last posted. The most I can say for myself is that around the 8-day mark I stopped thinking "I'm not being that great about this blogging thing," and started thinking "I am a bad person."

It's been almost half of a month. And in that time, I have done nothing. Seriously. Over the weekend, I was sick, so I barely got out of bed. I just sat around, drinking tea and watching AbFab. 

Though, and I'm just being real with you here, I'm not sorry about that part. Not even sort of. Because I think, if you search your heart, you'll find that you wish you'd spent the weekend drinking tea and watching AbFab, too. Though if we all search are hearts again (I've become very introspective in my time away) I think we'll all find that it would be even better if some of that tea had been replaced with gin, but I ran out in July and haven't been able to spare the grocery money to replace it yet.

But the point is, now I'm back. Because the fall TV season is starting soon and this blog is the only place where I can over-analyze TV shows and feel productive afterward.

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